Questions You Need To Ask Before Calling a Plumber

Think you need a plumber?
Don’t make the call before answering these questions.

The answers that any potential new plumber gives you will help you pick a plumber that’s qualified to do your job right the first time OR determine if they’re not such a great plumber who could cost you thousands in unfinished or unprofessional work.

How much is the estimate of the total cost for your plumbing job?

Do not settle for a quote over the phone! A good plumber will want to see and determine your problem and scope of work before providing an estimate for the job. Make sure that any estimate also includes both parts and labor costs.

Who will be doing the work?

This may seem like a silly question but if the plumber uses helpers or subcontractors, make sure that you ask about their credentials and experience, too to ensure that they have the same experience as the plumber you’re choosing to work with.

Are they licensed?

If your state requires licensing, ensure that your plumber has passed all tests to get theirs. It’s fine to ask them to show evidence of the license. Be careful hiring newly licensed plumbers without much experience even if they seem like a cheaper option than more experienced plumbers.

Are they bonded and insured?

If they are, they should be able to evidence of their bonding and insurance. You have the right to ask this question and tell the plumber that you don’t want to be legally responsible for any injuries while on the job.

Is their rate hourly or fixed?

If their rate is hourly, ask them how long it should it take to finish the repairs, from their experience of doing similar jobs. A more experience and qualified plumber will know this and be able to provide a more accurate estimate to avoid any surprises when the job is done.

Always make sure to get a written estimate that both you and your plumber will either sign or verbally agree to. This is your contract.

Now that you know the right questions to ask, take note of these other general tips on hiring a plumber:

  • Consider only licensed plumbers, most US states require that they have one.
  • Only consider plumbers who can provide proof of insurance.
  • Ask how long the plumber has been in the industry, the more experience they have, the better it is for you.
  • After the plumber analyzes your problem, they should be able to provide a pretty accurate estimate of the job cost.
  • Ask if guarantees (your satisfaction with the work) are included in any cost estimate, including any required parts.
  • Ask for any references from satisfied customer references and check them out BEFORE hiring the plumber.

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