Home Automation from Atlas Glenmor

adjusting home servicesControl your home from the palm of your hand.

Our system makes it easier than ever to control and be aware of everything that happens in your home. It can even help you save on energy costs, prevent costly home damage repairs and much more!

The easy-to-install gateway is the brain of the home automation system. It communicates with the following devices in your home to always keep you connected and in control of it from your smartphone, tablet or internet-enabled device.


  • Adjust your thermostat remotely
  • Set custom schedules
  • Receive alerts via text or email


  • Turn lights on or off remotely
  • Set custom light schedules
  • Wall mount switches & more


  • Turn devices on/off remotely
  • Set custom on/off schedules
  • Monitor devices’ energy use


  • Monitor electricity consumption
  • Access graphs & reports
  • Capture utility provider rates


  • Lock & unlock doors remotely
  • Assign unique guest entry codes
  • Set custom door access alerts


  • Open & close doors remotely
  • View open/closed door status
  • Easily upgrade existing doors


  • HD live video with night vision
  • Notifications via text or email
  • Store clips securely in the cloud


  • Motion sensor
  • Image capture
  • Notifications via text or email


  • Detect water presence/absence
  • Notifications via text or email
  • Shut water supply off remotely

cat_blurb1What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the automatic and electronic control of home features, activity and appliances, like thermostats, garage doors, water system shut-offs and much more.

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cat_blurb6Energy Management

Control and manage your energy usage.

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Monitor and control everything about your home.

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cat_blurb11Damage Prevention

Prevent costly damages by receiving text or email alerts to know instantly when a system in your home might need servicing.

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We offer a number of home automation packages with no long-term contracts. To find out which package best fits your lifestyle and particular needs, please call 1.877.263.7780.

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