Make the most of low heating oil prices with our pricing and payment plans

Heating Oil Pricing Options

Heating Oil Pricing Options

Protect your oil price at today’s low rate now with one of our pricing plans!

Heating oil has cost less than natural gas and consistently cost less than propane or electricity over the past 20 years.* Even though heating oil prices may be comparatively low, you can still rely on us to help you save on oil costs with our two pricing plans and monthly payment plan, none of which have any sign-up or enrollment fees!

Compare our pricing plans and choose which is the best one for you:

Heating oil pricing plans comparison chart

Variable Plan

  • Attractive because it is difficult for anyone to accurately and consistently predict what heating oil prices will be at any point in the future.
  • With this plan, your heating oil price will fluctuate subject to market highs and lows.
  • You will receive automatic delivery of heating oil, but there is no “locked in” component.

Ceiling Plan

  • Enables you to take advantage of a heating oil price that will never be exceeded over the next 12 months.
  • At the start, your oil price might be below your established “ceiling price,” and it might move up or down from this starting point, but it will never go higher than the ceiling price.
  • Because offering this plan requires a substantial commitment from us, a termination fee is imposed if you leave the plan earlier than originally agreed.**
  • Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge you up front to sign-up for this plan and there are no fees for choosing it.

SmartPay Monthly Payment Plan

Since every person’s budgeting needs are all different, we offer a SmartPay budget plan.

  • This no-fee payment plan breaks down heating oil costs into equal monthly installments throughout the year.
  • After a quick analysis of your annual energy costs, we determine an appropriate monthly payment for your heating oil bills.***
  • Monthly payments can also be automatically deducted from your checking account, so you save time and money on postage.
  • Any service plan and TankSure® costs can also be included in your monthly SmartPay plan.

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Contact us today at 800.433.1616 to discuss your current heating oil prices, which pricing plan is best for you and to enroll in our SmartPay plan!

* Energy Information Administration U.S. Department of Energy
** Please note our Ceiling Price option includes the cost of insurance to protect the price and is changed upon receiving delivery. An early termination will not be charged if you move from the home.
***Please note that your installment is an estimate only, settlement of your account will occur annually and your payment will be adjusted (up or down) based on your balance.

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