Welcome to AGM! We have house-warming gifts for you

We’d like to welcome you by doing what we do best, which is taking care of your home. We know you’ll feel more comfortable knowing that your home’s equipment is running at its peak performance. Let us welcome you to your home and give you something special: peace of mind.

What is the condition of your oil tank?

Our TankSure® specialists will conduct an ultrasonic test to make sure your oil tank is in good condition. If you have any concerns, our TankSure® protection plan provides you with a proactive replacement warranty up to $2,500.*

What’s in your water?

• We’ll check your water for any sediments, pollutants, or chemicals that may be coming in through you pipes, and if necessary, offer advice about how to improve your home’s water quality.

Is your home losing heat through the attic?

Our insulation specialists will measure your insulation levels and inspect your attic for leaks. There are many ways we can help you “button-up,” and keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

How do your systems check out?

Ever wonder if your heating or cooling system will be ready when you need it? • Our home comfort advisor will inspect your equipment, and offer technical advice to help improve your home’s efficiency. Free of charge of course.

*For more details on our TankSure® program or any of our programs, please call our office at 800-433-1616 to speak with someone.