Bioheat® is a renewable fuel resource that can be blended with oil to make your heating system burn cleaner and more efficiently, benefiting your wallet, your family’s health and the environment. Now offered for the same price as your regular heating oil, Bioheat is currently available in the eastern Massachusetts area.

Bioheat® is:

  • A renewable resource;
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable;
  • Fairly easy to grow so production can increase;
  • One way to lessen our reliance on foreign oil;
  • Highly adaptable because it blends with domestic and foreign sources;
  • Delivered to your home storage tank the same way as oil; and
  • When blended with oil, it’s as reliable and efficient as oil is alone.


Bioheat can help us to lessen our reliance on foreign oil and is fairly easy to grow, thus production can increase.

Burn cleaner with Bioheat®

Massachusetts had proposed a state wide Biofuel mandate of a 2% blend of Biofuel in all heating oil, but the mandate was pushed back. A regulation is expected in the next few years. For more information on Biofuel or the proposed regulations, check out