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Whether you live in a home where you can’t install central AC or simply want a quieter, more compact, energy-efficient home cooling system without unsightly window or wall units, a ductless mini-split AC system is the solution for you.

Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems – What You Need to Know

You may have already seen these small, compact indoor devices installed high on walls in homes, hotel rooms, restaurants or office buildings. These are ductless AC units and sometimes referred to as split systems, multi-split systems, or split-ductless systems. Ductless cooling provides a more cost-effective way to replace inefficient window units and an ideal solution for homes where installing central AC systems is a challenge or not possible.

How a ductless mini-split AC system works

Like any central AC system, ductless, mini-split AC systems place the compressor and condenser, which make the most noise, outside the home. There’s no need for basement- or attic-located evaporator units and no bulky ductwork. The system uses thin copper tubing to pump refrigerant directly to discreet wall mounted blowers inside the home, which come in numerous capacities and configurations to fit even the most difficult spaces. The systems work in reverse in winter to absorb heat from the air outside and moves it indoors to heat your home for efficient year round cooling and heating. And, they provide you with ability to cool and heat specific zones of the home to desired temperatures for year round comfort and energy savings.

Ductless AC System

Benefits of a ductless mini-split AC system

  • You don’t have to worry about the expense and hassle of ductwork installation – no ductwork means more efficiency
  • Smaller and less expensive than central AC
  • Quieter than loud window units or central AC systems they are virtually quiet
  • One outdoor condenser can be connected to multiple indoor unit, each with its own programmable remote for individual zone control
  • They save you money as they also function as a heating unit in the winter, for energy-efficient benefits year-round.
  • Easy installation
  • Piping can often be routed through walls to maintain the aesthetics of your home, there’s no bulky AC system components inside your home or in your window
  • Remote control facility lets you control temperatures in different rooms or zones of the home.
  • More flexible cooling solutions than traditional AC systems
  • Helps to improve home air quality with no ductwork in your home
  • Great energy efficiency! No ductwork means you lose less than 5% cooling vs. up to 40% for traditional central AC systems, with increased efficiencies up to 27.2-SEER for lower utility bills.
  • Improves your carbon footprint and helps you live a little greener, the R410A refrigerant is most systems is designed to be environmentally friendly.
  • Improved home security with units mounted high on a wall, away from the window
  • More aesthetic, making your home look better inside and out, unlike window AC units.

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Ductless AC Special Offers

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The perfect cooling solution for your home!

  • Easy installation – no hassle of ductwork
  • Energy Efficient – save on costs year round
  • Home aesthetics – no bulky window units

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